Dedicated In-House Training Team

Our in-house dedicated training team has over 8 years’ experience

We will guide our trainees through the steps for their Havant or Portsmouth licence.

We help with all stages of the process from application, medicals, Blue Lamp Driving as well as all learning materials required to obtain your badge.

FTVL encourages all trainees to cover any costs required to complete your badge process in order to keep your repayments down to a minimum.  However, the company may be able to assist financially, if required, by way of an interest free loan which is repaid in weekly instalments once qualified.  The following can be included;


  • House rent (this includes – council tax, TV Licence, water and sewage rates, fortnightly cleaner, maintenance)
  • Gas and Electricity
  • One single bed with bedding
  • Training car, insurance and fuel
  • Training fees
  • Council application / test fees
  • UK Criminal check fee
  • Taxi medical and drugs test cost
  • Blue Lamp driving test
  • Badge costs
  • Uniform.


Once qualified you will responsible for making weekly payments to cover the cost of the car hire, training, loan repayment and house rent.

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